Friday, February 21, 2020

#StoriesbyKarma Introducing FRC 5024 Raider Robotics

By Karma Clark

Hi! This is Karma of the Imagery sub-team in Raider Robotics 5024. My job on the Imagery sub-team includes updating the social media, taking pictures at events, editing videos, and more media-related tasks.

The imagery sub-team as a whole is responsible for how our team is viewed by the public through the use of advertising, merch design, website design, and of course, social media.

Currently the 5024 team members and mentors are working very hard on preparing for the FRC #InfiniteRecharge Competition Season. Our Build and Programming sub-teams have built/engineered this season’s robot for the fast-approaching FRC Competition at Humber College #HUMBERFRC and our Strategy sub-team has analysed the game to develop a strategic action plan.

Our Outreach team plans STEAM-related events and activities for both ourselves and the local community such as regular Children's Museum events and our annual Science Expo.

Our FIRST Lego League sub-team introduces youth to STEAM and FIRST with workshops and activities.

Finally, our Sponsorship sub-team works with finding and maintaining sponsors to support the team with emails, letters and cold calls. Yearly, Sponsorship plans and writes 5024’s Business Plan to submit for the Entrepreneurship Award.

Everyone on the team is passionate about STEAM and robotics as it has become a significant part of our lives as we form strong bonds with each other and members of other FRC teams.

Our events are an important aspect of the team’s relationship with the community. As I mentioned previously, one of our biggest and proudest events is our yearly Science Expo. The Science Expo is a collection of STEAM-based activities and experiments; this year, over 500 members of our community came.

The only cost for this event is a food bank donation. 5024 Raider Robotics has gathered over 793 Kg in donations!

We have so much gratitude for our mentors, parents, sponsors, school, and community that allow 5024 to prosper.  Thank you!

I'm Karma from  FRC 5024.   Thank you for reading this blog post in preparation for the #RemoteReport coming soon!

For more on the team please visit our website!


"Introducing FRC 5024
Raider Robotics"

Karma Clark is
a member of the
Imagery Sub-Team
on FRC 5024
Raider Robotics
in London, ON

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

#Storiesby Emily with Origami Canada at Sunnybrook Hospital

by Emily
Proud Member
Origami Canada

Happy 2020, Last week Origami Canada squad, Jackie and I, went together to another senior centre at the Sunnybrook Holland Centre to continue to meet our lovely senior friends.

These special seniors were patients waiting for alternate levels of care, including patients with complex needs or awaiting long term care, which could be due to brain injury or aging related problems.

Working with origami can aid with their mental faculty because it improves their hand-coordination, mental focus and brain flexibility. It stimulates the brain while their hands are creating shapes with different angles of folds.

A group of seniors joined us this time, and they were very excited to have us at the scene. Although some seniors could barely move, they were still eager and passionate about learning something new. To our pleasant surprise, most of them learned at least three pieces of work!

We started with a simple t-shirt, and most seniors caught up really quickly and were able to fold a beautiful t-shirt with elegant colourations. However, the t-shirt did not satisfy their curiosity – they wanted to learn more challenging models!

We then taught them how to make a paper boat and a heart – since Valentine’s Day was around the corner ;) After successfully completing each model, all of them smiled and held up their works as proud craftsmen.

As always, 3 hours was ephemeral whenever we engaged the fun with others. We truly enjoyed our time with these senior friends and were so glad that we were able to make their afternoons more engaging and memorable. Their heart-felt smiles warmed our hearts and made us feel that our efforts were more than worth it.

Having been volunteering with Origami Canada for about a year now, I find that I truly love teaching origami because it is internally rewarding when I spread joy and make others happy.

I'm Emily!  Thank you for reading my blog right here the Toronto Student Media Network #TSMNblogs site!


#Storiesby Emily with Origami Canada
at Sunnybrook Hospital
Stories By Students
TSMN 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Minsi Travels to WoWtv and talks about TSMN

By MinSi 

 Last Tuesday, on the 11th of February, Tina and I had the opportunity to be a part of a Wowtv interview and speak about TSMN and MKTV.

Wowtv is a Chinese-Canadian TV channel that broadcasts nationally and I was very happy to have been given the chance to discuss my exciting adventures as a Toronto Student Media Network #correspondent with their host.

It was an exciting but somewhat nerve-wracking experience for me as I knew how many people tune in to the Wowtv channels. But after watching other interviews, I figured I knew what the experience would be like. I was wrong. But what fun is life if we knew exactly what’s going to happen in the future, right?

Nevertheless, upon arrival, I was asked to wait in an office. It was cozy and felt comfortable, with a desk, a full-body mirror and a comfy beige couch. I sat there until other guests concluded their interviews with the Wowtv host. I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach as I waited patiently for my turn in front of a camera. When our turn came, Tina and I were escorted to the official recording room.

The lighting was incredibly bright and there was not one but three cameras. The space felt friendly and welcoming, but at the same time somewhat overwhelming and intimidating. The cameraman communicated with other crew members that stayed inside the studio control room with a headset. He also counted down from 5 to indicate when the recording would begin. But before we knew it, he reached zero and cameras were rolling and the interview began.

At that very moment, my mind drew a blank and I forgot everything I had planned to say. When my turn to speak came, I said whatever came to mind because everything I had prepared had cleared my head!

We talked about our personal experiences and upcoming plans, and Tina told us about creating robots. So interesting! But throughout the entire interview, both Tina and I had to remember that we were constantly being recorded. Every sound and every movement we made would be taped. There was no time for retakes, so there would not be a second chance if we messed up in any way. The pressure!

Tune into Wowtv this week and check out our conversation. Hopefully, you will consider joining TSMN and MKTV after watching our interview.


Minsi is a Gr. 9 student at
Cardinal Carter Academy for
the Arts attending the drama
program.  Her favourite subjects
are Frencch and Drama.  She
loves to rock climb and she
is so happy to be a part of

Minsi Travels to WoWtv and
talks about TSMN

TSMN 2020

#Storiesby Tina writes about her Visit to WoWtv

By Tina

 “What is interviewing people like?” It’s just like having a conversation. It looks so easy, I thought. You just talk and ask questions. Until this past Tuesday, I had never been part of a formal recorded interview. But when I had the honour of being featured in a short segment for WowTV, I quickly learned that live television and interviews aren’t nearly as easy as they look.

Through the interview, I met Minsi, a student reporter from TSMN_MKTV Media. We were asked about our respective media networks, past interviews, and planned future work within the community. Despite having gone to writing and reporting workshops before, it was the first time I had seen a reporter on the job.

The host was really professional — as he spoke in his intro, I admired his ability to deliver monologues and questions so naturally, despite them being scripted. In this way, interviewers are almost like actors: they must memorize questions and topics to cover, and deliver these in a way their audience and guests can easily understand.

But the responsibilities of good hosts entail more than just delivering questions with a smile. They’re constantly listening, thinking, and reacting to ensure there’s never a second of awkward silence on air.

Good reporters and hosts, furthermore,  find ways to connect and link the answers to follow up questions so the transitions don’t feel abrupt. They ask the questions that draw out answers everyone is waiting to hear about. And perhaps this is exactly both one of the easiest and hardest parts of their job: they have to be curious about others.

Thanks to FRC Team 7520 and MKTV Media for having me do this interview - I enjoyed it very much!


About the Author Tina

Tina is a Grade 11 Student at MGCI.
She has recently joined the software
and Media Teams for FRC 7520
where she produces videos and
writes blog posts about the team
and its community.


#Storiesby Tina writes about her Visit to WoWtv
TSMN 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Ashley Taylor TSMN Blog Interview with emerald b

Hi, I'm Ashley and today I am sharing my interview with #Toronto #SingerSongwriter Emerald B. Not only is she a member of the Juno nominated Girl Pow R but she is also launching her solo career with the release of her #original song, #Helium on March 8th!  Here is our conversation:


Ashley: Hi Emerald. Thanks for speaking with me today!

emerald b: Hi Ashley.  Thanks for having me do this awesome interview!

Ashley: Can you tell us a bit about yourself please? How old are you? What grade are you in? What are your favourite subjects at school?

emerald b: I am 14 years old and I am in grade 9. My favourite subjects in school are math and english.

Ashley: Now, about music..when did you first know that you loved music?

emerald b: Well, I would sing in the bathtub when I was a little baby and since then I’ve loved to sing!

Ashley: Do you still remember the first time you performed in front of the audience? When was that? What song did you perform?

emerald b: The first time I performed in front of an audience was in grade 4 at my music recital. It was about 5 years ago. I sang the song Human by Christina Perri.

 Ashley:  Emerald, what instruments do you play?

emerald b: I play the guitar, ukulele, and piano. I used to play the violin when I was 5.

Ashley: What was the first song you wrote?

emerald b: The first song I wrote was Rising Up. It was written about my experience with bullying    and about how everybody makes mistakes but we have to realize that is how we learn our lessons. So, it is about rising up and becoming a better person.

Ashley:   Do you have a musical idol? Who is your favourite singer/songwriter?

emerald b: My favourite singer is Tori Kelly, she inspires me because we have the same vocal range  and I really love her style of singing.

Ashley: How did you get involved with the all girl group, Girl Pow R?

emerald b:  I got involved with Girl Pow-R because I knew someone who was in it and they performed in my hometown once. I was a bit shy at the time but I later saw they were having auditions and I decided to go for it.

Ashley: Emerald, what’s your favourite Girl Pow R memory?

emerald b: My favourite Girl Pow-R memory is when we went on the boys of summer tour in the USA and we had such an amazing time. It was a great experience.

Ashley: Very cool! I hear that Girl Pow R has been nominated for a Juno Award! Congratulations!      What was that like? How do you feel?

emerald b: Thank You! I am honestly super excited and proud of how far we have gotten since Girl    Pow- R was created. This is an awesome accomplishment for us!

Ashley: And now you are taking your first steps as a solo artist, working in the studio on a new original song. What has this transition been like?

emerald b: So, I love recording in the studio with James from Cleveland Sound Lab. His work is amazing and he always makes me laugh. I am also working with my producer Jan Jansen Music. He has helped me so so so much and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today

Ashley:  I know that every member of Girl Pow-R has a charitable cause close to their heart, and I      think that is really, really special. What is the cause that you feel strongly about? Can you tell us more about it please?

emerald b: My social cause for Girl Pow-R is Food4Kids. This is an organization dedicated to            fighting child hunger in Ontario. Food4Kids provides healthy food for kids with limited or no access to food.

Ashley: This is all so good, Emerald. You are doing so many great things, and I’m so excited for you.

emerald b: Thank You so much I really appreciate all the support!

Ashley: Thanks so much for speaking with me today. I hope we will get to speak again once your      song has been released. Actually I hope I’ll get to come see you perform live! Thank you Emerald and TSMN/TStv for letting me do this great interview. It’s an awesome opportunity!

emerald b: I really hope you can come to one of my performances because I would love to meet you. Stay tuned for Helium coming out March 8th 2020!

Ashley: Good luck, Emerald. And  once again, congratulations!


Ashley Taylor TSMN Blog Interview with emerald b
TSMN 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

#Storiesby Ashley speaks with Singer / Songwriter Riley Camryn

I’m Ashley and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Riley Camryn who is an up and coming  Toronto based singer / songwriter who is currently in the studio recording a brand new original song. It was great chatting with her and I thank TSMN and Jan Jansen Music for the opportunity.

Here is our interview:

Ashely: Hi Riley. Thanks for speaking with me today! 

Riley: Hi Ashley…thanks very much…happy to speak with you.

Ashley: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Riley: Sure…what would you like know?

Ashely: Well…when did you first know that you loved music?

Riley: The first time I discovered my love for music was when I heard "You Belong With Me," by Taylor Swift, playing on the radio. I knew that I wanted to hear my songs play on the radio one day too. I wanted to be just like Taylor Swift.

Ashley: Do you have an early memory…singing…performing…that you’d like to share?

Riley: My first time performing in front of a real audience was when I performed at a local café with my vocal teacher. I was super nervous but once I began singing, I never wanted to leave the stage.

Ashley: What instruments do you play?

Riley: The instruments that I play are guitar and ukulele. I would love to learn how to play the piano too.

Ashley: What was the first song you performed for an audience? 

Riley: The first song I performed for an audience was "Back To December," by Taylor Swift. I will never forget performing it and it is still one of my favourite songs.

Ashley: Riley, what was the first song you wrote? 

 Riley: The first song that I ever wrote was "Soaring High." I co-wrote it with Laura Cavacece and released it on July 1, 2019.

Ashley: Who are…who have been…singers and song writers that you look up to and admire?

Riley: My biggest musical inspiration is Taylor Swift. She is an amazing songwriter who is true to herself. She works hard and achieves so many amazing things. I hope to be as successful as her one day! 

Ashley: When you are writing…creating…What kind of things are you passionate about that you want to express in your music? 

Riley: When writing songs, I focus heavily on my goal of relating to my audience and inspiring others. I try to make sure that my songs can relate to anyone, by focusing on real life problems and then overcoming them.

Ashley:  Riley, I understand that you are currently in the studio...working on a brand new
original song...

 Riley: yes…

Ashley: What has that process been like? 

Riley: Yes, it’s called "My Story" and it will be released February 28th! Writing and releasing music is always such a fun process. I receive such amazing feedback from so many people along the way; I am so grateful.

Ashley: This is all very exciting! Is there anything else…that you’d like us to know about Riley Camryn…about Riley "the person?"

Riley: I will continue to write and release music for as long as I can. Music is my passion and I will continue to work hard at achieving my goals.

Ashley:  Thank you for speaking with me Riley!

Riley:  My pleasure Ashley - thank you!


It was really cool and fun to do this interview with Riley!  Thanks very much to Riley
and her team at Jan Jansen Music.  Stay tuned to Part 2 of my interview with Riley as
we go into the Cleveland Sound Lab in Toronto where she is recording her brand
new original song, "My Story."


#Storiesby Ashley
In Conversation with
Singer / Songwriter Riley Camryn

TSMN 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

#Storiesby Bobo visits Afterburn Fitness

By Bobo Song

This past Friday I went to Afternburn Fitness to visit the training facility that Team Minekee Dragon Boat Team trains at. It was very interesting to see the equipment and get to know more about the environment that we train with.

Afterburn Fitness is the only place in Toronto to have a built in paddling pool for paddlers. After training there for 5 months, our team has definitely improved after attending training sessions there.

During my adventure there I was able to speak to our coach, Terrence. He has trained our team for the past season. Terrence demonstrated how the paddling pool worked and it is a remarkable facility that we are really fortunate to use!  And, while at Afterburn I was able to also chat with the owner of the facility, Andrew. They both gave me a thorough explanation of the facility which really is fantastic!

During the season, Team Minekee trains in the gym section of Afterburn Fitness for an hour and then we switch over to the pool for another hour.  This training will enable our team to be ready for the upcoming season and prepare us for outdoor training on Lake Ontario!

Andrew showed me around the gym and gae me insight on the different types of athletes that train at the gym. From Olympic athletes to everyday people, the gym offers a variety of machines. Afterburn is a great place for paddlers to train during the winter season as it allows them to prepare for the upcoming season and gives them a head start.

It was a great experience to be able to have an insight on the facility and I thank Terence and Andrew for their warm and welcoming hospitality during my time at Afterburn Fitness!  Thank you!

Be sure to check out my video report!


Bobo Visits Afterburn Fitness
#Storiesby Bobo
Team Minekee, Dragon Boat Team
TSMN 2020

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Origami Canada at the 52 Annual Richmond Hill Winter Carnival

By Jackie Han

It's 2020 now! Origami Canada is here to see you all again!

 It is frigid outside, but that doesn't stop our burning passion for origami and our love for the community! 

This year, we are continuing with all our events with more and more spirits! 

On February 1st, we enjoyed the lively 52nd Richmond Hill Winter Carnival at Mill Pond Park. Again, we met so many passionate individuals of all ages! The #RichmondHillWinterCarnival is a weekend of affordable fun and entertainment organized by volunteers to celebrate the community of Richmond Hill in a welcoming atmosphere. 

This event came out every year as a result of community effort. It aims to appeal to residents of all ages – from Tots to Grandparents. Origami Canada felt extremely proud to be the most important part of this event. We were given tables inside a tent to showcase our work and teach passionate people of the community. People's passion really contrasted the temperature outside the tent, and all of us felt so warm in our hearts! Way to go for another event squad!!! 

Thanks for reading!  I'm Jackie, the founder of Origami Canada!  See you again soon!


Storiesby Jackie Han

Founder, Origami Canada
Origami Canada at the 52 Annual
Richmond Hill Winter Carnival
Mill Pond Park
Richmond Hill, ON

TSMNblogs 2020
TSMN 2020

Friday, January 31, 2020

Stories by Ashley | The CSA Junior Astronaut Challenge!

By Ashley Taylor

🎶 We're going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship 🚀
Zooming through the sky, Little Einsteins. 🎶
Climb aboard, get ready to explore 🚀

There's so much to find, Little Einsteins If you are like me, you grew up watching Disney’s Little Einsteins on Tv., and the only way you knew to explore this world was aboard a rocket ship! Some people might say that was just an animated series, and that girls who dance and sing, like June and Annie in the show, don’t grow up to be astronauts. Well, have you met Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief in and over Canada? Her Excellency not only has sung with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, but also completed two space flights, STS-96 and STS-127, and has logged more than 25 days in space. How about that!

 Every summer, junior astronauts from each Canadian province and territory are selected to go to the Canadian Space Agency’s Headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, for a special Junior Astronaut camp. During the camp, these lucky juniors will join astronauts, scientists and engineers for a week of space training! It all sounds so amazing, but how do kids like you and me get a chance to be selected?

 Well, there are a few things that we will have to do in order to become eligible. There are activities, focused on 3 streams — Science and Technology, Fitness and Nutrition, and Teamwork and Communications — that we have to complete, either with our school or a local youth organization.

I was very fortunate to attend a Junior Astronauts Challenge event, hosted by the Canadian Association for Girls In Science (CAGIS), Toronto Chapter, on January 26th, 2020. At this event, girls got to complete 3 activities that would allow them to enter into the eligible pool. The event was led by Space Scientist Dr. Bhairavi Shankar. It was a very empowering and inspiring session, working with girls my age, and being mentored by the female professionals.

My group of 3 girls was mentored by none other than CAGIS founder Dr. Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko herself. How awesome was that! We learned so much, made new friends, worked as a team, and presented our work to the entire group, twice. It was a day full of opportunities and knowledge.

At the end of our session, 11 girls aged 12 to 14 completed all the challenges, and became eligible. I hope at least one of us gets selected to go to the camp. Actually, I hope all of us get to go to space one day!

I hope you will check out Toronto Student Media Network, either on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, to watch the memories that I had recorded of the day. The videos of Dr. Shankar and Dr. Larissa talking about the Junior Astronauts program and CAGIS are very interesting and informative. I hope you will also consider joining CAGIS after watching these videos.

1.  Video:  Ashley and Dr. Larissa

2.  Video:  Ashley and Dr. Shankar

If you’re still not convinced, watch the interviews of the participants, Ayana, Shifa, Lynden, Crystal, Emma, and Eva, and see what they thought of the event. I think you will be impressed.

 To join CAGIS, please visit

To find out more about the Canadian Space Agency's Junior Astronaut Camp -  LINK.

 ðŸŽ¶ Come On - Let's Go - Little Einsteins
🚀 We need you, Little Einsteins - Yeah


Stories by Ashley | The CSA Junior Astronaut Challenge!

CAGIS and CSA present The Junior Astronaut Challenge
TSMN 2020

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Blue Jays Winterfest

By Scott

It was a beautiful snowy day in Toronto when Beck Taxi safely took me to Rogers Centre for the amazing Toronto Blue Jays Winterfest! The cool event included photos with baseball players, rides, inflatable slides, video games, photo booths, delicious food, yummy slushies, batting cages, hanging out with ACE, seeing all the top Toronto sports fans and much more! My favourite parts were sitting at the Blue Jays Central desk with Arash Madani and seeing the new blue jerseys. 

Baseball is a summer tradition for many Canadian families. Rogers Centre is a beautiful facility with lots of security and fun activities. The Blue Jays Winterfest #TBKWinterfest is great for all ages. They had tours of the roof, production room and many autograph sessions. 

People loved playing games like ping pong, shuffleboard and could even get nail decals! The toque giveaway was super cool. 

Thanks so much TD Bank and Blue Jays for hosting this great event. Special appreciation to Toronto Police Service for keeping us all safe at this and every major Toronto event. See you next year!

Thanks for following #StoriesByScott on all Toronto Student Media Networks.


Stories by Scott
Remote Reports
Blue Jays Winterfest
Rogers Centre
Sponsored by TD Canada 

TSMblogs 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Toronto Robotics Society

By Michelle

On Saturday, January 4th, I had an interview with Andrew, Ming and Carson. They are all students that are older than me and are members of The Toronto Robotics Society. All three of them have been doing robotics for at least three years.

During the interview, I heard that they all want to attend to the jobs that are robotics-related and robotics will stick with them their whole life because “that is how much they love it!" I was really impressed by their love of robotics and STEM education.

They wanted to start a team, so they did and will continue doing it, although they had location issues, although some of their teammates are young and new to robotics, although they didn’t know where to begin, although they were unsure on how well they will do, I saw their persistence and hard work!

They need to balance their schoolwork and robotics, which both take a lot of time from them. Both Ming and Andrew are in grade 12, they are really busy this year, but they still choose to work with their team. 

They already have goals for the future, and they are finding their own way to achieve them. I really like how they ignore everything that opposes them in order to reach their dreams!

It was a great pleasure to meet and interview them. Please wish them good luck and congratulate them in all their hard work in this year’s competition.

Be sure to watch my interview with Ming, Andrew and Carson on Youtube and IGTV!


Stories by Michelle
The Toronto Robotics Society
MKTV Media
Toronto Student Media Network
TSMN 2020

#StoriesbyKarma Introducing FRC 5024 Raider Robotics

By Karma Clark Hi! This is Karma of the Imagery sub-team in Raider Robotics 5024 . My job on the Imagery sub-team includes updating ...